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no really

what is it with calling people oppa and appa and umma and unnie and noona and hoobae and dongsaeng and ahjussi and ahjumma

if you’re not korean

and the person you’re talking to isn’t korean


if you can’t beat them, dress better than them


you know when you watch shinee dance and your just like …. damn.

Cause their that good 

I haven’t written about my life in awhile, and really not much is going on.

I had an interview on Wednesday for substitute teaching, and I completed my online training yesterday. So now I just have to wait for the last orientation. I’m really excited about it. I miss being in a classroom setting, and I like that I’ll be able to explore the different grade levels to find out where I would fit best as an educator. I’m thinking about studying for both the elementary education exam and the English 6-12 exam. If I have the Florida teaching certification, I’ll make $11 an hour instead of $9.73, and I would have it out of the way sooner than later. I might go buy the book(s) this weekend.

I also interviewed and have training with the Nielsen TV rating company for their show writer position. The hours for the job aren’t appealing at all. It’s overnight. I’m going to go through training and at least give it a try. I’ll be making like $450 before taxes just from training alone. I would have to pass the training in order to actually get the position too. So I’ll see how everything works out.

My training schedule next week is 5-10 pm on Tuesday, then Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and the following Tuesday is 8pm - 4 am! Soooo ridiculous… and because the checks are sent every 2 weeks and I need money weekly for bills, I also told my manager at PetSmart to put me on the schedule for opening shifts. So next week, I’ll be coming home from Nielsen a little after 4am, then waking up at 7:30 to be at PetSmart by 9, until probably 3pm. Then I’ll have to be back at Nielsen at 8. I’m gonna die of exhaustion and lack of sleep. :’(

Thank god it’s only 6 days though, and I’ll have money to go buy clothes to wear for substitute teaching. Most of my wardrobe consists of sleeveless tops and shorts, which obvs isn’t school appropriate attire.

Fingers crossed that this all goes well!

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This scene…. waaaw this scene….
It actually explains a lot and makes a lot more sense now. I really love the storyline and plot so far. I am glad I chose to put this on my watch list.
I won’t go into details, but I think I know. Time heal all wounds… I want more of It’s Okay, That’s Love drama and sorry for crappy pic quality.
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Whyyyyyy does Jang Joon Hyun have fucking amnesia?! Wtf. So annoying and not necessary, Trot Lovers writers!

Amnesia plots are never needed 😒 definitely just a cop out.

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a representation of all second leads in kdramas
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Sunday cuddles with this Princess 🐶👑 #princesszoe #yorkie #yorkshireterrier #yorkiesofinstagram #instadog #igdaily #instadaily #photooftheday
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