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i hate when people r like “do you like them? oooh you’re blushing you do!!!” like, no you cold corndog im fucking blushing bc you’re embarrassing me and making me uncomfortable


how many weeaboos do you think have tried to start fucking host clubs at their school

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fearlessly, taylor
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I finished registering for classes and I really want to shop the Lilly sale (since I need work clothes… I’M A SUBSTITUTE TEACHER NOW!!!), but I’m honestly so broke and the sale happened during the worst week of the month for me…

I want the She She Shells Elsa top so bad, though!!! It’s $79 instead of $158 😩😭 and the bf (yes, that’s new too) has his money saved for tuition.

Being an adult sucks. My mom is supposed to take me shopping for work clothes, but I know she still won’t buy me Lilly since to her this is probably still really expensive.

I guess there’s always the next sale, but I really just liked the summer collection a lot this year… Or I could always go to the signature store and hope they still have the top I want whenever I get the money… It’ll just obviously be full price. 😞

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Absolutely delicious. 🎂🍓🍌 #dessert #brownie #cupcake #pudding #bananas #strawberries #instafood #baking #igdaily #instadaily #photooftheday

So does anyone know typically how much of a markdown the Lilly items will receive during the sale? I’ve obviously heard that it’s worth it, but I’m just curious about how past sales were.

I want to set a budget, but I don’t know what a realistic amount would be for this. The items I’m most interested in are around $160 regularly.

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i’m so excited about this.
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Ready for classes! 📚✏️ #usf #thisschoolistoobig #gradschool #collegeofeducation (at University of South Florida)
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